why is it the way it is ?

People sometimes dont seem to know what they really want. . and when they do. its too late.


sometimes people don’t understand why things are the way they are. and to be honest with you. i don’t either. sometimes i wonder, and i have my what if’s . but ive realized that life isn’t meant to be like that . You do what you do. It happens what it has to happen. YOU CANT CHANGE IT. 

my life hasn’t been great at all. there’s times where i’ve hated myself, and others where i’ve loved it as much as i could. its just that maybe the things that happen to you at an specific moment are the ones that make you take different paths in life.

 Learn to forgive and forget, once you’ve forgiven and forgotten you wont have the necessary of feeling hatred  towards yourself or somebody else.

Life is meant to be liven. dont destroy it just because something doesn’t seem right.Image

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