is it it or is it just me ?

I mean. Having all this people judging you for what you cant and can do. doing the best of you to prove them wrong and still feel hated by them. life isnt and wont ever be the way you want it. ITS TRUE.

Life, Thats What Keeps Someonee going. Doing Things You’ve always thought you wouldnt ! making of yourself a better person. thats what life is all about. taking chances you’d never thought were possible for you to accomplish.

And LOVE ? Well What About love ? Lovee Is a thing that keeps you motivated. If and only IF you find the right one . the one that can love you and make you feel loved. not the one that claims to love you and tries to control you. or gives you bullshit, thats not love. If you love someone set them free. they should know how much you love them to be able to trust them and have a healthy loving relationship.

The Feeling of wantening to be with someone and knowing that would never possibly happen is a killer. insecurities are killers. and no metter how much you say you dont hate someone or something, its gona build up itself inside you and make you weaker. 

idont really understand myself the answer for lies. he’ll be in my mind all tonight hoping for the best. because after all we are friends…


I feel like things arnt just quite right , But then again maybe that’s how they’re suppose to be. 


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